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We’re thrilled that you want to chat with us! Whether you’ve got a hot tip, a burning question, or just want to share a good laugh, the Quirk Squad is all ears.

Here’s how you can reach out:

Virtual Vibes – Email Us:
  • Have a digital quill? Send us an email at Our inbox is a treasure trove of witty responses, virtual high-fives, and the occasional cat GIF.
Social Shenanigans:
  • Slide into our DMs on social media! We’re coming soon on social plateforms. And once we’re there, we promise to respond with a healthy dose of emojis.
Emergency Helpline:
  • If it’s urgent (or you just really, really need to talk to us), reach out to us at at Our operators are trained to handle quirk emergencies and bad joke crises.
In-Person Pop-ins (BYO Quirk):
  • Unfortunately, our Quirk Quarters is off-limits for in-person shenanigans because, much like a lingering punchline, COVID hasn’t taken its final bow just yet. But fear not, our virtual doors are wide open for all your quirk-filled interactions!
Remember, there’s no such thing as too much quirkiness. We can’t wait to hear from you!
Quirkily Yours,
The Quirk Squad at TalkingStates
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